18 04, 2010

Split-Path – used another way

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Split-Path is a very useful command which allows you to do string manipulation with file paths.  It chops up paths into Parent/Child directory names, file names and can also determine if the path in question is relative or absolute etc.  Check out http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd315377.aspx for more details. However, there are times when output from another command is in a format [...]

9 04, 2010

Root password change on an ESX host

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Every now and then, there comes a time when you have to change the "root" password on an ESX host.  It might be because someone has left the company or could simply be an event when a problem required the root password to be revealed to people other than the "gods". One of the common misconceptions [...]

6 04, 2010

Right time for VDI?

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I started working with Virtualization when VMware made it available to the x86 environment, little more than a decade ago.  People didn't really know about it and things that we take for granted these days, were quite difficult to do.  For that reason, take up was a bit slow but in recent years with technologies maturing, it has [...]

3 04, 2010

Cleaning up after sending SMTP mail in Powershell

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I like exporting and sending the results of my Powershell scripts via SMTP mail.  That obviously require some sort of temporary location to hold my data while I am working on things.  However, I also try to stay away from dumping the temporary contents into TEMP or TMP.  I want to keep my junk separate [...]