28 01, 2016

Ravello Systems’ Smart Labs: Great for Dev, Test and Demos

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Last year, when I heard that Ravello Systems are offering free access to vExperts, I was amazed at the offer. https://twitter.com/AtherBeg/status/611730991963598849 Even though I have a fairly good sized lab in my study, there are many times when I want to play with some cool new technology but don't have the time or expertise to [...]

12 02, 2014

Yet Another VCAP-DCD Exam Experience Post

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You must be thinking: Not another VCAP-DCD exam experience post!  But it's customary now-a-days to blog about one's VCAP exam experience.  Mine has been outstanding for a while so today, I am correcting that. Like a lot of other people, I also flunked the test the first time.  It wasn't that I was complacent about [...]

27 01, 2014

Missing vmnics from ESXi after installation

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Recently, I was building a nested ESXi environment in my lab, based on vSphere 5.5. Regular readers will remember that I generally use VMware Workstation (version 10, in this case) to run my virtual environment.  I usually have my ESXi hosts configured with 8 NICs, which is pretty handy when I have to play with [...]

30 09, 2013

How to create shared iSCSI storage for ESXi using StarWind’s iSCSI SAN Software

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In my previous post, I mentioned that I use StarWind Software's iSCSI SAN software to provide iSCSI LUNs for my home lab.  In this post, I'll document the process to create a simple shared iSCSI LUN setup.  Using that, one can provide as many LUNs as required to an ESXi setup, possibly with multipathing - [...]

21 06, 2013

Book Review: VCDX Boot Camp: Preparing for the VCDX Panel Defense (VMware Press)

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Today, I am doing a book review of VCDX Boot Camp: Preparing for the VCDX Panel Defense (VMware Press).  This is a book not only for VCDX hopefuls but also for people who want to see what's involved in becoming one.  What could be better than a book written by three VCDXs (who are also [...]

29 05, 2013

Today, I became a vExpert

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It was announced today and if you are a virtualization enthusiast, it might be old news to you by now.  It's an honour to be part of such a knowledgeable community of people, which I consider to be the best in the computing industry. I have been blogging for a few years now but never [...]

30 09, 2012

Building (or Upgrading) a Virtual Home Lab Machine – Part I

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I've had my virtual infrastructure labs in their various incarnations for more than a decade now and the most recent one is based around a "whitebox" Dual-Quad core Xeon server, with 24 GB RAM.  This system was built in 2007 so the processors (while the best in their time) have become a bit of a limitation now. [...]

9 04, 2010

Root password change on an ESX host

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Every now and then, there comes a time when you have to change the "root" password on an ESX host.  It might be because someone has left the company or could simply be an event when a problem required the root password to be revealed to people other than the "gods". One of the common misconceptions [...]

6 04, 2010

Right time for VDI?

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I started working with Virtualization when VMware made it available to the x86 environment, little more than a decade ago.  People didn't really know about it and things that we take for granted these days, were quite difficult to do.  For that reason, take up was a bit slow but in recent years with technologies maturing, it has [...]