Evangelising the virtual world

Book Review: Networking for VMware Administrators

I always wondered why there is no book that specifically focusses on VMware networking, given its importance when it comes to deployment and maintenance of a stable virtual platform.  No need for me to think that any more as “Networking for VMware Administrators” by Chris Wahl (@ChrisWahl) and Steve Pantol (@StevePantol) is available for purchase […]

Horizon Workspace Data-va: Manually mounting the NFS share

As part of “data-va” configuration (while deploying a Horizon Workspace environment), you might want to add an NFS store.  In fact, it is recommended to do so for larger environments for flexibility, performance and scalability reasons. Typically, the way to do it is to create an NFS share and set access so that the data-va […]

Horizon Workspace Data-Va Error: Proxy Authentication Required

While deploying Horizon Workspace, you may configure LibreOffice on the data-va appliance, to get the basic preview functionality going.  If your setup requires going through a proxy server to reach the Internet, the following command needs to be run (in a console session on the data-va appliance) first: export http_proxy=http://ProxyServer:Port After running that, you run […]

Buy One, Get One Free Campaign by Packt Publishing

Just found out about this great book offer and wanted to spread the word out. Packt Publishing are celebrating their 2,000th book release with a “Buy One, Get One Free” campaign on all their eBooks. The campaign started on the 18th but will run until the 26th March and one can buy as many books […]

Horizon View 5.x Events Database Configuration Error

While configuring the Events Database in VMware Horizon View 5.x, you might see the following error message: An error occurred while attempting to configure the database. Double check the database parameters and ensure that the database is not down, restarting, or otherwise unavailable A customer had this problem for a while and they had tried […]

Book Review: VMware vCloud Security

Security is a subject that has historically been overlooked by companies/vendors when it comes to deployment of new systems.  Generally, an easy and quick way out is preferred, especially when there are time-pressures to deliver a project or solution. That situation is exacerbated due to the fact that techies don’t generally give security much thought […]

Yet Another VCAP-DCD Exam Experience Post

You must be thinking: Not another VCAP-DCD exam experience post!  But it’s customary now-a-days to blog about one’s VCAP exam experience.  Mine has been outstanding for a while so today, I am correcting that. Like a lot of other people, I also flunked the test the first time.  It wasn’t that I was complacent about […]

Why enabling NIOC (Network I/O Control) in a home lab is a good idea?

We all know that Network I/O Control is your friend when it comes to production deployments of vSphere in general.  Today, I quickly wanted to make a point that NIOC is also great when it comes to home labs and why we should have it enabled, if possible. A few days back, I was deploying […]

Missing vmnics from ESXi after installation

Recently, I was building a nested ESXi environment in my lab, based on vSphere 5.5. Regular readers will remember that I generally use VMware Workstation (version 10, in this case) to run my virtual environment.  I usually have my ESXi hosts configured with 8 NICs, which is pretty handy when I have to play with […]

How to deploy VMware Capacity Planner properly (Part II)

In Part I of this post, I covered two of the four steps that I think are involved in doing a VMware Capacity Planner exercise.  In this post, I will cover the other two and hopefully, you’ll find the tips found in these posts of some use.  So, here goes: 3. Collection Once the collectors […]