There are times when one needs to “quickly” find out what time a machine was last rebooted.  Now I know that there are events in the “System” log that announce starting of the event log service but logs can be truncated after last boot and going to the event log and filtering, can take some amount of time/effort.  A quick way around that problem is to open a command window and type:

net statistics server

Running it, results in an output similar to this:

Output of the command "Net Statistics Server"

Output of the command “Net Statistics Server”

Event IDs change sometimes but this command has remained the same since NT days and is still valid.  Of course, the command is actually there to display network statistics but it has this useful feature that displays the time when the service started.  As it starts quite early during the boot process, it is as close as you can get to the last boot time and is quick to do.

Bonus: net statistics workstation – does the same! 🙂

Hope this helps!