The time has come for me to leave the safe confines of and go to a hosted installation.  When I started blogging, it was the best option for me and with minimum of fuss.  However, now I need a bit more freedom in what I want to do on the blog and hence the move.  As I’ve grown with WordPress and I know the format, the platform will remain the same.

This post is just to announce that the blog is moving to – Nice, short and simple :-).  I’ve already moved all the content so it would be great if you point your RSS feeds or bookmarks to the new location.  Soon, I will be putting a redirector in so everyone should get redirected seamlessly but please do let me know if you notice something that I’ve missed.  I’ve also gone through all the posts and adjusted the links but would appreciate a mail if there are broken links.

Apart from Father’s day activities, that was pretty much my weekend so I hope you approve the new look.  I’ve tried to make it such that the text and layout is easy on the eyes.  I’ll be very interested in your comments so please drop a few words with your views!