While creating a VMware Capacity Planner project in version 3.0 recently, I encountered a weird problem.  After selecting the required machines in the “New Project Wizard” using “Manually select specific systems”, the “Next” button didn’t want to work, even though it was highlighted on the screen, implying all was good:

VMware Capacity Planner - New Project Wizard

I tried clicking it a few times and even running the same process from different machines and browsers.  Trying other options like “Include systems according to the following conditions:” and selecting a few of them, didn’t make any difference.

Before raising a support call, I thought I should try something different and funnily enough, it worked.  So, here I am documenting it, in case it happens to you:

  • Exit the Version 3.0 wizard,
  • Restart the process of creating a project but this time, select “Version 2.8”.
  • Go through the entire process as prompted (which is slightly different to version 3.0).
  • When finished, go to “Administration” -> “My Projects”.
  • Select the project just created by ticking the box on the left.
  • Click “Upgrade”
  • Confirm if all project settings are still the same, especially the “Optimization Scenarios” if created already.  Repopulate if any fields are missing.  Some of mine got removed but were easy to fix.

This is a one-way process i.e. you won’t be able to downgrade the project so take care but if you were trying to create a Version 3.0 project to start with then I guess it’s a non-issue.

Everything else worked fine afterwards so there doesn’t seem to be any ill effect of this workaround.

Hope this helps!