While deploying Horizon Workspace, you may configure LibreOffice on the data-va appliance, to get the basic preview functionality going.  If your setup requires going through a proxy server to reach the Internet, the following command needs to be run (in a console session on the data-va appliance) first:

export http_proxy=http://ProxyServer:Port

After running that, you run the installer script to install LibreOffice.  However, you may find that running the script, returns the following error:

Connecting to SERVER:PORT… connected.
Proxy request sent, awaiting response… 407 Proxy Authentication Required
ERROR 407: Proxy Authentication Required.

This can happen if the proxy requires authentication before letting the traffic through.  If that’s the case, the command mentioned above requires the following modification:

export http_proxy=”http://DOMAIN\USERNAME:PASSWORD@ProxyServer:Port”

This is assuming Windows Authentication is required but change according to your requirements.  Be careful as the command is echoed on the screen so password is visible. Providing the username/password combination as mentioned above should provides the authentication required and the installer script should run as expected thereafter.

Thought I should document it as I hit this yesterday and it’s not mentioned in the official documentation.

Hope this helps!