Just a quick note about a weird bug I came across yesterday. I was implementing a vCloud Connector 2.6 setup and about to do “Cloud Registrations” on their respective nodes. However, the following error message was returned when I first tried it:

Incorrect url https://<<Domain Name>>.local

vCC Node Error

I double-checked the URL in case it was mistyped but it was fine. Even though I had checked DNS registrations (both forward and reverse) before installation, I ensured they were correctly resolving too. Logs weren’t helpful either as all they do is to repeat the same string in there i.e. no clues as to why it was incorrect.

I know vCloud Director 5.5 doesn’t like the .local domain when logging in. So, I tried the target vCenter Server’s URL which contains .com as fortunately, it’s aliased in the DNS by that name. Admittedly, it seemed like a long shot but I had run out of things to check. To my surprise, it worked!

vCC Node Error - Fixed

This was/is the only place where I had the issue as .local domain has been working for the entire setup without issues. Everything else worked as you would normally expect. This looks like a bug to me and should really be fixed as use of .local domains is quite common in internal environments.

It was a weird one without much information as to what’s happening so wanted to document it quickly in the hope it helps someone in a similar situation as I couldn’t find anything on the web about this one.