A few days back, I was working with REST operations in vRealize Automation when suddenly, I was hit by the following error, when trying to “Invoke a REST Operation”:

Connection pool shut down (Workflow:Invoke a REST operation / REST call (item0)#6)

I checked the inventory and the target host was still there and nothing seemed out of the ordinary. I ran the “Update a REST host” workflow (with the same settings) just in case, to force a refresh of configuration/connectivity etc. but the problem remained.

This environment of mine was running vRealize Automation version Build 2330392 and the REST Plugin version deployed within was

Searching the web, took me to the following community page: Technical Preview version of REST plug-in. The fix mentioned for version didn’t exactly match as I hadn’t deleted any of the hosts but the issue seemed close enough. For that reason, I decided to download the “Technical Preview” version and try it out. I could have possibly been able to fix the issue by simply upgrading to vRealize Automation 6.2.1 which contains REST Plugin version but not only I wanted to keep the version deployed for a bit but also that would have been a lot more work.

After the upgrade and making sure the plugin was well and truly in operation, I found that it caused the REST hosts to disappear from inventory. That wasn’t a huge issue as I had just a couple and adding them back was trivial. Once the hosts were added back, re-running the REST operation I was trying before, worked without a problem so the updated plugin does remove the issue.

At the time of writing, this plugin is still in a Technical Preview state so use with caution and probably not in production. However, I thought to do a quick post to let everyone know about this issue.

Hope this helps!