So, it was the last day. It had been quite a hectic week so far (as always) but activities were still going strong. First order of the day was for me to get to the venue, leave my suitcase with the bag drop and get the update post for day 2 published that I wasn’t able to write it the night before.

There is no general session on Day 3, which is a shame because I think, attendees for the Europe version will also enjoy tech talks like the ones offered at VMworld US. Maybe if enough people ask for it??

My plan was to find the people I had missed so far and have a quick chat with them. Also, wanted to cover the rest of the Solutions Exchange again.

As mentioned yesterday, it was good to see staff at all stalls, still presenting with the same gusto as every day. Although, it was clear to see signs of tiredness creeping in. I took a panoramic picture of the hall:

Solutions Exchange - Panorama

Another reason I like to come to VMworld is that everyone interested in virtualisation, converges on to Barcelona for this event e.g. people you follow on Twitter. It’s a great chance to meet and have a chat/catch-up face-to-face with them. I met several people during these few day that I wouldn’t be able to otherwise and amazingly, you bump into most of them at the Solutions Exchange.

Last day at VMworld is also interesting in the sense that both Exhibitors and VMware booths, actively try to get rid of their swag so while Day 1 is the best day for collecting it, Day 3 is a close second. The VMUG (VMware User Group) stall was no different:

As mentioned earlier, Blogger’s area in the Hang Space is my favourite area – kinda like a base camp for all of us. So, I made sure I spent a fair amount of time there too. The brilliant vBrownBag team was still going strong with their recordings. I am sure you’ll see the videos being released soon. “Fred” Hofer wanted to have a picture with them:

vBrownBag US

It was late-afternoon and people were starting to leave. I said my goodbyes to everyone present and left for another year. It was a great conference as ever and I met a lot of friends – old and new. I said my farewell to the venue and boarded the bus to the airport.

Just to give you an idea (and I am not even at the top of the charts), here are my “Sleep” and “Steps” profiles for the past week or so (from FitBit Charge HR):

FitBit - Sleep



FitBit - Steps


… which does take its toll on you. So, comfortable shoes are highly-recommended if/when you come.

I always say this and I will say it again: If you’re into virtualisation (or IT in general), this is a conference you must attend. This community is very strong and always willing to help each other. I am yet to see anyone who hasn’t been impressed with the content, atmosphere, fun and value to their careers. You forge relationships here that last a lifetime and meet people that inspire you to do more and broaden your horizons. As for me, I will definitely try my best to keep attending for as long as I can!

If you’re interested in coming to VMworld next year, here is the link to VMworld 2016 Pre-Registration Tip: Register to get notified when it opens and book a room now (preferably with no cost cancellation) as accommodation can go very quickly and gets expensive later.

Hope to see you next year!