VAMI Error displayed for vCenter Operations Manager with IP Pool configured

Recently, I had to shut down my lab environment for maintenance.  While bringing the whole environment back up, my vC Ops (vCenter Operations Manager) appliance failed to start and threw up the following error:

Cannot initialize property ‘vami.netmask0.VM_1’. Network ‘VM Network’ has no associated network protocol profile

VAMI Error1

Now, it’s well-documented that this error will show up if one hasn’t configured IP Pools as part of the vC Ops setup but in my case, it existed.  It was clearly working before the shut down!

Thinking back, the only recent change to the environment that I could think of, was addition of a new cluster to this vCenter environment.  Realising that, I checked the IP Pool configuration and surely enough, there was an additional unticked “VM Network” portgroup in the “Associations” tab, as shown in the screenshot below:

Added VM Network

This was obviously from the new cluster but why should it try to look at the unticked “VM Network” in preference to the one already ticked, covered and working, is still beyond me. However, ticking the box fixed the problem.

Problem Fixed

For the sake of completeness, this happened in my vSphere 5.5 lab and looks like a bug to me. Hopefully, it will be fixed soon but just wanted to quickly document it in case someone else hits the same problem.

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