… and so the last day was upon me. Sort of a reality check that all the learning and meeting people is going to end (not to mention the great weather!) and soon it’ll be time to say goodbyes.

I’ve found that checking out is much easier if you’re too early or too late. If you’ve packed your bags the night before then your definitely a greater person than I am and early is for you. I don’t know what happened between me sitting on the bed and 6 AM so I had to pack in the morning. If my hotel is near then I leave my bag in left luggage but most people bring their luggage to the conference and leave it in the same hall where the VMware bag is picked up early in the week.

I was absolutely gutted on Wednesday when I realised that I didn’t take part in the “Destination Giveback” paper plane flying, due to being too busy. They had two goes at it allowed and I missed both! Determined not to miss it again, I flew mine on my way to the blogger’s area. This time, I won 75 Euros for “Women and Girls”. As my plane flew a fair distance, I was asked to come back at 1400 for an “All Stars” flying competition.

In the blogger’s area, I found some of my colleagues already there and we chatted about technology and general conference things. Once Solutions Exchange opened (at 10:30), my Xtravirt colleague Jonathan Medd and I headed out there. There I had the pleasure of meeting Josh Atwell for the first time. We had a great chat about vBrownBag, pleasures of moving house and how the various ways in which all of us can help the vCommunity. What a guy to talk to!

Then as I was passing the Kemp Technologies stall, I was asked by Deirdre Sarsfield if I knew about well, Kemp Technologies’ products. Of course I did so we had a good chat about what I did that used their solution. Everyone joined in and it was great to meet them all.

It was time for lunch and after that, I went straight into the “All Stars” paper plane flying contest. It was good fun for a great cause so lots of people joined in. All participants competed in threes in a “knock-out” style contest.

All Stars Participants

My plane flew the whole distance in the first round, placing me in the second round easily but unfortunately, I tried too hard in the second and it went into the side curtains and that was the end of my contribution to the “Women and Girls” cause. In the end, Andrew Hald from VMware was the winner but I think, all of us and the charities were the true winners in the end and that’s what matters.

After that, all that was left was goodbyes, picking up bags and catching the airport shuttles. In case you don’t know, VMware has thought of everything and free shuttles run from noon until late in the afternoon, destined for the two terminals so your transfer to the airport is not an issue. I took advantage of that too and was at the airport without any hassle.

And that was it! Another VMworld conference done for me. As you would expect, I met all the people I knew from the past but also made new relationships that I hope will last for a long time to come.  I still missed meeting some people but I hope to be here next year as well and catch them then. I am missing the conference already and the feeling will continue for a few days, I suspect!

If you are in any way involved with VMware products, want to remain in touch with what’s coming next and meet great like-minded people who are doing the same things as you are, then this is THE conference to attend. So, start preparing to attend next year. Trust me, you won’t regret it!

VMworld 2014 Europe – Day 0 and 1

VMworld 2014 Europe – Day 2

VMworld 2014 Europe – Day 3