A few days back, Corey Romero asked me if I am interested in co-hosting a CrowdChat session on vSphere. Having never been on CrowdChat, jumping from nothing to co-hosting seemed a bit intimidating but I’ve always liked a challenge so I said yes. Plus, this was another something that I could do for this amazing community easily so it was a no-brainer.

I wasn’t the only co-host. There were John Furrier, Roger Lund, Chris Nickl and also various representatives from VMware. All concerned put in some effort before the event of spreading the word on social media and it worked quite well as lots of people turned up.

I must say it was a great event and we had lots of great questions, discussions and general chat. All was quite friendly, informal and great fun. I was typing like a maniac and have never posted that fast before but it was also enormous fun and learning at the same time.

I think one hour slot is spot on for it as it focusses peoples’ minds and is about the limit of the content one can absorb in one go (not to mention the limit of typing madly!).

Hopefully, these chat will become more common as apart from being high-energy and focussed, they’re also great fun and gives people a chance to discuss technology in real-time and without barriers.

In case you missed the session, I’ve embedded a link in this post and you can go through the entire thread below. Great discussion in there so it’s recommended reading!