At the beginning of last year, I decided to become an independent contractor, so that I could be available for my parents whenever they needed me. That worked out quite well financially, allowing me to take time off when required. Being able to pick the kind of assignments I wanted also helped me enjoy them more and the few gaps in between, were used for study.

However, there were times when I missed working on larger, more collaborative and challenging projects. I thrive when there are complex problems to solve and there weren’t many that came my way, while working independently.

So, when I was approached recently for the position of a Cloud Architect, I became very interested. It seemed very much like the work I would like to do and the mix of technologies and challenges are what I was looking for. An added bonus was the people I will be working with, many of whom I know from being part of this wonderful virtualisation community.

Best of all, the company has a culture of remote working so I will be able to work from my parents’ home whenever required. This is a major benefit and actually allows me to be around even more as travelling will reduce comparatively.

So, I am glad to say that from yesterday, I’ve joined Canopy – The Atos Cloud as a Cloud Architect. I’ll be working in their Private Cloud business arm and will help design and develop their service offerings. As with any such position, there will be challenges ahead and I am looking forward to tackle them as they come. I feel excited about this new journey and keen to see where it takes me.

Strangely, it’s looking cloudy and clear to me at the same time!