A couple of weeks ago, NSX 6.2.3 was released. It had a lot of coverage, both by VMware itself and many bloggers. Quite rightly so as there are many new features and some would argue that it probably could easily have been called 6.3.

However, amongst all that, you could be forgiven if you missed the extension of general support for NSX 6.1.x by three months i.e. until January 15, 2017.

This is important as it gives customers another three months to upgrade to NSX 6.2.x, which could be very handy to ensure a robust upgrade process, as compared to a hurried and risky job. It’s also very useful to customers looking to upgrade from vCNS (vCloud Networking and Security), which goes out of support on September 19 2016.

Very useful breathing space, if you ask me! Here is the updated KB: End of General Support for VMware NSX for vSphere 6.1.x (2144769)

Hope this helps!