Cloud Migration Journey

Recently, I’ve been writing a series of posts on the journey to cloud migration and they’re being published on OrangeMatter. Being on a different site, you might be missing out so here’s a quick post to keep track of them all. I’ll update this post with links as they are published.

There will be six posts in total. Think of them as useful reminders of what is important to think about before, during and after a cloud migration project. Below are the titles and links to them, with a bit of an introduction too:

1. Public Cloud – To Migrate or Not: That is the Question

When every company is looking to migrate to the cloud, is it even a question?  This post discusses a few reasons why an evaluation is necessary before embarking on that journey.

2. Cloud Migration Is No Drama – Or Is It?

Cloud migration is a complex and lengthy process. In order to succeed, there needs to be a committed team with relevant skills and assigned roles. This post talks about what makes a great migration team.

3. You Can’t Fix What You Don’t Measure

The aim of every project is to have success in the end. But how does one prove it was successful? Surely, some information needs collecting and this post contains some of those pointers.

4. How to Choose a Cloud Platform – What to Consider in 2019

Picking the best cloud provider is no easy task and a lot of thought goes into it. Comparative cost is never the only factor, and there are many other considerations that can influence the decision. This post discusses some of the factors to take into account when making that decision.

5. Readiness Actions Before Cloud Migration

Migration to the cloud is just like a house move. The amount of preparation done before the move determines how smoothly the move goes. In this post, I talk about some technical and non-technical actions that can be taken to make a move to the cloud successful and calm.

6. Important Actions After Cloud Migration

Once all your workloads are in the cloud, does that mean the job is done? Absolutely not! There is much to be done in the short term – not to mention some iterative processes for the future. In this final post of the series, I mention a few important ones to keep in mind.

These posts are not too long but do provide some food for thought so I hope you enjoy them. It would be good to know what you think!