Packt Publishing 5 Dollar Offer

Every now and then, Packt Publishing comes up with this kind of promotion that feels too good to miss. Even though I am a bit late to talk about this (as the promotion started a week ago), I am still going to as it’s Christmas and I am sure, after all the festivities, you’re going to want to have a good read – just kidding! 🙂

But seriously, in the days when people consume knowledge in many ways, I am still of the opinion that a book is still king when it comes to enhancing your skills. For me, a book still provides the benefit of being structured and focuses on a particular topic. Blogs and whitepapers are great for reference but I feel, learning is a bit fragmented that way.

Being old school, I prefer the feel of a physical book but also appreciate the flexibility of eBooks as they’re small and portable, making them accessible pretty much everywhere.

Which is why I think these promotions are an important opportunity to stock up on the books that are on your wishlist. For me, the couple of books that I am interested in these days are:

OpenStack Cloud Computing Cookbook – Second Edition and
Learning OpenStack Networking (Neutron)

Books on other hot topics are also coming up e.g. on Docker, vRealize Operations etc. but we’ll have to wait a bit for those.

So, grab yours while you have the chance. The promotion runs until January, 6th 2015 so still plenty of time to get your favourites!