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As this year draws to a close and I review my performance as a passionate virtualisation enthusiast, this has been an “OK” year. My aim this year was to contribute more; both professionally and to the community. While I am happy that I did go some way in achieving that, I do feel that it could have been better. There were family/work commitments in the way (and health issues) but something inside says that I should change things and try even harder next year.

Professionally, I did varied work, ranging from a large multi-site VDI design to vCD/vCAC deployments. Got a couple of VCAPs under the belt and learnt a few other things. In terms of contributing to the community, my blog posts this year make up 30% of all posts I’ve done since I started about five years ago so definitely an increase there. I was fortunate enough to get a blogger’s pass this year for VMworld so I blogged and tweeted from there too. Another honour was to be included in the PernixData’s vSphere Design Pocketbook 2.0 – Blog Edition.

However, I feel that this is a lot less than some of the other contributors this year. I do think that there is a lot more that I can offer and I intend to do that in the coming year. A few things have changed in the last few days, forcing me into making some lifestyle changes. The positive thing, however, is that I can see myself contributing more to the community in the coming year and possibly beyond. I am hoping to focus on the SDDC components next year (vRA/vCO/NSX in particular) and possibly also broaden my horizons into OpenStack etc. Let’s see how well I do there and you can be sure that I’ll be blogging about all issues/tips etc. that I find.

In the end, I thank you for being part of my year – blog reader or not. Also, I am aiming to be of more interest next year so stay tuned!