A new journey

Today, I start my life as an independent/freelance consultant. This was one of the most difficult decisions of my life as I had to leave the best bunch of people to work with at Xtravirt. I know this is sudden and also came as a shock to many at Xtravirt but evaluating my priorities over the holiday period made me realise that I need to make a change to my working pattern. This is mainly due to my father’s health who lives a few hours away and hasn’t been well lately. The idea is to become independent and hopefully, get enough work to allow myself time off when I need it. This avoids becoming a burden on my employer and I think the ethical thing to do.

I joined Xtravirt almost three years ago when it was growing as a business but wasn’t as big. At that time, I already knew about and respected the work done by them as a knowledge portal. That was an opportunity for me to work with the best in business and that’s exactly what I got during my stay there. Since then, many others have joined and Xtravirt has grown even more in respect and stature. There is no doubt in my mind that their upward climb will continue for years to come. Leaving such people is very difficult but family comes first. Xtravirt is very dear to me and I am sure that relationship will remain even after my departure.

All that said, apart from my working pattern/style, nothing else changes in that I’ll be doing the same work as I do now. I’ll be working on the same and upcoming products and in my “free” time, I’ll be playing with technology more. As a result (and hinted in my year end review), my blogging will hopefully increase. My hope is to make this a success so wish me luck! 🙂