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As this year draws to a close and I review my performance as a passionate virtualisation enthusiast, this has been an “OK” year. My aim this year was to contribute more; both professionally and to the community. While I am happy that I did go some way in achieving that, I do feel that it could have been better. There were family/work commitments in the way (and health issues) but something inside says that I should change things and try even harder next year.

Professionally, I did varied work, ranging from a large multi-site VDI design to vCD/vCAC deployments. Got a couple of VCAPs under the belt and learnt a few other things. In terms of contributing to the community, my blog posts this year make up 30% of all posts I’ve done since I started about five years ago so definitely an increase there. I was fortunate enough to get a blogger’s pass this year for VMworld so I blogged and tweeted from there too. Another honour was to be included in the PernixData’s vSphere Design Pocketbook 2.0 – Blog Edition.

However, I feel that this is a lot less than some of the other contributors this year. I do think that there is a lot more that I can offer and I intend to do that in the coming year. A few things have changed in the last few days, forcing me into making some lifestyle changes. The positive thing, however, is that I can see myself contributing more to the community in the coming year and possibly beyond. I am hoping to focus on the SDDC components next year (vRA/vCO/NSX in particular) and possibly also broaden my horizons into OpenStack etc. Let’s see how well I do there and you can be sure that I’ll be blogging about all issues/tips etc. that I find.

In the end, I thank you for being part of my year – blog reader or not. Also, I am aiming to be of more interest next year so stay tuned!

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Ather Beg is a technology and virtualisation blogger and is Chief Virtualogist at Virtualogists Ltd, which is a consultancy focusing on virtualised solutions. Ather has worked in IT for over 20 years and contributes his findings on this blog. In addition to holding several industry-related certifications, he has also been awarded vExpert status by VMware.


  1. Michel White December 31, 2014 at 6:10 PM - Reply

    Hi there,

    I disagree in that I think you did very good this year. I found quite a number of tidbits on your site and through twitter so I think you did quite well. I do look forward to next year and whatever you do on your site. Well done!


    • Ather Beg December 31, 2014 at 6:24 PM - Reply

      Thanks very much Michael

      Your kind word are very much appreciated. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for including some of my posts to your newsletter. Knowing that someone finds my posts useful is what works as fuel for me and keeps me going.

      Thanks again and the very best of the new year to you!


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