A quick one this: Yesterday, I had to shut down one of my Shuttles, running my HP StoreVirtual VSA ( Usually, it’s not a problem as there are three nodes in the cluster and it remained up as expected, after the shut down. However, when the node came back, the storage node didn’t come back automatically. Instead, it sat waiting with the status shown in the screenshot below:

Systems screen

Looked strange to me but I waited for a while for it to come back. When it didn’t, I browsed to the storage node itself but clicking on it, returned the following message:

Storage System Message

At this point, I thought something had gone wrong and started contemplating removing the node from the cluster and adding it back in but that would have meant lots of synchronizing of data after removal and re-adding.

Suddenly, I thought I should “Find” the systems (from the menu bar at the top) and as soon as I did that, the system was found as if nothing had happened!

System Found

Maybe this is something that people are aware of already but I certainly wasn’t as I have restarted this system many time before and have not seen this issue. So, in case it happens to someone else, the simple fix would be to find the system again.