Immediately after installing vSphere Update Manager 6 Update 1 (from the vCenter for Windows ISO), I went into the Web Client to do initial configuration. However, when I went into “Download Settings”, there were no default download sources listed. That was strange but when I clicked the “Edit…” button (to see what the problem might be), I saw this error message:

An internal error has occurred – Error # 1009.

Reloading the client is recommended, so as to clear any problems left by this error.

Click Yes to reload the vSphere Web Client?

VUM - Error 1009

Now this is a “bucket” error for the web client but as I have seen a service issue with vSphere Update Manager soon after installation before, I immediately looked into “Services”. Surely enough, the service was configured to run under “Local System”. As mentioned in my linked article, I stopped the service and configured it to run under the account I wanted (which I did mention during installation as well). Like before, it granted this account “Log On As A Service” right this time too.

By chance, I was still in the “Download Sources” screen and as soon as the service came up, the box was automatically populated with the default download sources. That said, I would recommend logging out of web client, flushing the browser cache and logging back in – just to be safe.

It’s unfortunate that this is still an issue. Fortunately, I knew the solution already!

Hope this helps!